Open Records Officer (Right to Know)

The Open Records Officer for the Borough of Mayfield is Phyllis Jaskowiec. 
Phone/fax number: 570-876-4391.  Email:  

A request form can be found here for your convenience.

The Pennsylvania Office of Open Records also provides many Right to Know Law resources on its website,, including OOR Final Determinations, court decisions, agency guides, sample affidavits, forms, and numerous other documents related to the RTKL.

Mayfield Borough Floodplain Ordinance

Per the Pennsylvania Flood Plain Management Act of 1978, the Mayfield Borough council has adopted floodplain management regulations to promote public health, safety, and the general welfare of its citizenry. A copy of the complete ordinance can be found here for your convenience.

No Burn Ordinance

Mayfield Borough Fire Chief Joseph J.Tomcavage is reminding all residents of an ordinance adopted in 1989 which prohibits burning of any materials within the Borough of Mayfield except for firefighting training and controlled burning supervised by the fire chief for the purpose of eliminating a fire hazard, health hazard or varmint infestation.  Any violation of the No Burn Ordinance shall be punishable by a fine of not more than $300.00 and/or 90 days imprisonment.

Yard Waste Policy

Due to changes in the Mayfield Borough garbage contract in 2006 residents should note that all yard waste such as leaves, grass, weeds, and branches will be collected each Tuesday by borough employees. These items are to ble bagged or placed in a container free of other items.  If garbage or other non biodegradable items are included, the watse will be left at the curb.  Please do not place the containers for collection out on the curb earlier than Monday evening.

Garbage Collection Policy

Monday collection of household garbage is limited to three 32 gallon garbage bags or a comparable three can limit for each household per week. Tires are no longer accepted. One bulk item or one appliance which does not contain freon will be collected weekly.  All residents are asked to please refrain from placing garbage out on the curb prior to Sunday afternoon. 

Recycling Policy

All residents are encouraged to participate in the Lackawanna County Recycling Program.  If you are new to Mayfield or do not currently participate in the recycling program, you can obtain a recycling container from the borough building during normal business hours.  Recyclables are collected on Monday morning along with the garbage collection.  Residents are encouraged to recycle cans, glass, plastic, paper, and cardboard.  Please rinse all containers and bundle papers and cardboard.  For a complete "how to" please visit the Lackawanna County Recycling Center website:

Mayfield Borough Stormwater Information

Residents of Mayfield can obtain stormwater pamphlets containing information on how local stormwater impacts the Chesapeake Bay. These pamphlets are available at the borough office. In addition, any group or business interested in displaying a stormwater poster can request a copy of one of four posters which depict how everyday activities can affect local waters which ultimately flow into the Chesapeake Bay. We do not often consider how things such as car washing, leaking oil, fertilizer, and animal wastes flow into catch basins and waterways that feed the Lackawanna River, Susquehanna River, and then into the Bay. Read the information and become stormwater aware! For more information go to:

If you have questions about any of these borough policies, please contact Phyllis at 876-4391, thanks!