Shade Tree Committee

Current Membership Consists of The Following Residents:
Wendy Bochnovich
Linda Saniski
Elaine Myshak
Sue Ogozaly
Marilyn Prybicien

In addition to the committee members, there are about 20 to 25 volunteers who attend outings and help plant the trees.

Fall 2009
The Shade Tree Committee successfully completed its Fall 09' tree planting initiative at the site of the new ball field.  Lot's of volunteers showed up to support the effort, here is a link to a few photos from the event.

Summer / Fall 2009
The borough has been awarded $4000 by the Lackawanna Heritage Valley Authority in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and TreeVitalize. 

This is a matching grant, which means that an additional $4000 (half of which has to be cash) needs to be raised via various fundraising efforts this fall (to be announced).  The committee has purchased 50 trees, soil, mulch, etc, and all of the trees will be placed on the perimeter of the ball field.  A screen of evergreens will be placed along the side of the field bordering homes, and the remaining trees will be placed to provide shade.  Peter Jennings, who is trained in landscaping, will be providing oversight, and Jim Depoti will be donating time and machinery to dig holes.  This work will commence mid-fall 2009, and once again strong turnout by the shade tree volunteers will be needed to get the work done.

Shade Tree Committee - Tree Planting Day

On Nov 1st 2008 several residents participated in the first of what we hope are many tree planting initiatives. 

Here are some links to photos of the participants:

Anna McCarthy Playground

At the Memorial Park/home.htm

Mayfield Athletic Complex